Medical Psychology

Medical Psychology

MEDICAL PSYCHOLOGY is a field of science comes from the clinical psychology & medicine.
Its a assumption is using psychology in medicine. WSR Medical psychology (I-st cycle studies) is the first and only such a major in Poland. These studies are performed in a part-time form.
Medical psychology provides the significant suport for effective treatment – based on the assumption, that a human being is a psychosomatic unity. It helps to obtain a good contact between sick person and his family, the physicians, nurses and therapeutists. Gives a suport to sick people, that need such healing factors like: faith, hope, and conviction, that recovery is possibile.
Medical psychology is also an enormous area & prevention activities. Pelope cannot be considered only as a human body or a disease entity. The welfare in the area of mind and psyche is an integral part of physical welfare, that is, health basis.
Medical psychology is a major of study which is future-oriented. In many countries with higher standards of health care, including medical psychology into prevention and health care became the norm.


To study medical psychology you have to completed high school education & want to help and suport other people. Graduating MP gives a possibility to acquire one of the most future-oriented profession.
The gratuates of this major of study will acquire the unique skills. It is guaranteed by the innovative, deliberate study programme and out standing academic Staff.


  • great deal of empathy
  • easiness of making contacts
  • willingness to help patients and other in Reed
  • resistance to stress